HiberGene is a diagnostics company utilising the latest medical technology to develop, market and manufacture diagnostic tests for human infectious diseases. Using a novel rapid amplification platform, HiberGene has developed a rapid and highly sensitive diagnostic test for meningitis.

HiberGene have developed a test for meningitis which is:

  • Fast less than 40 minutes
  • Sensitive 100%
  • Specific 99.7%
  • Requires minimal laboratory instrumentation, allowing the test to be used in almost any clinical or laboratory setting.

In addition to the test for Meningococcus, HiberGene is also developing a test for Pneumococcal Meningitis.

HiberGene has negotiated license agreements with the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust for exclusive worldwide use of patents associated with the Meningitis test.

Using the novel rapid amplification platform, HiberGene intends to develop a range of tests for a number of infectious human diseases including Healthcare Associated Infections and Sexually Transmitted Infections.


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